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and is completed by him passively with vibratory action.


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misfortune, or committed a hidden crime, mere change of climate may be

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seen amputations of the leg and thigh in children, succeed very well,

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cartilage ; in the epiphysis, or spreads to the epiphysis from the synovial mem-

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moreover, at the early stage of the fever at which the cold bath treatment

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Under the name of melanotic tvhitlow, Hutchinson has described a form

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mischief; at the same time we must weigh well the difllerent statements

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The following brief sketch of the third ease I promised, is in sum

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the great comfort of both physician and patient (for be verily thought

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water collected within the pleura or peritoneum, calomel, elaterium,.

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and districts of country, may hasten or retard the development of a dis-

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pit-shaking ; (c) Stomach-shaking ; (d) Abdominal-kneading ; (e) Colon-stroking.

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the mother of ihree children, dated the commencement of the complaint

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In regard to local remedies, 1 must observe that they are principally

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(Hare finds the reverse). With subsidence of the disease the tympanites

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being the temperature of typhus fever, acute lobar pneumonia, and acute

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forced upwards and outwards by the persistent pressure, and the man-

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a new nutritious aliment, which has lately been sent me by a friend in

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covered with a piece of linen spread with the same. M. G. oRei^

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with enemata ; from this I concluded that they lay deep within the sacculi

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History and Syhptoms of the Case. — James P., »t. 15, a butcliF

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planes parallel to the surface, and indeed through the membranous cover-

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cancer are forthcoming in which the beneficial effects of relief from pain

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and success of our forefathers ? Nay ! with the multiplication of means,

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childbirth, attended, as it always is, with intense suflfering, and often with

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begin with pain and stiffness in the back, stiffness, with an intolerable

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and the usual train of disagreeable symptoms resulting from any obstruc-

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these monstrosities, therefore, are to be met the instances of epignathus

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port upon hernia which we have already paid postage upon in the public