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there was no compulsory vaccination), there would have oc-
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the members who have taken the matter up are Mr. Heneage, Sir Sey-
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cou^h and summer diarrhu-a were also rather fatal. The number of
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normally occur during the menstrual epoch ; what is the
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titioner. Mr. Ridley then introduced Dr. G. B. Mead, the organising
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J. S. Leask, Colonial Surgeon, Malacca, to be Acting Colonial Suigeon,
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under the same conditions now the result would probably be
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disease, examples of which a«e lead palsy and mercurial tre-
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of Sidney Martin into the nerve lesions so induced escape
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It is probab'e, says the cnlonies India., that Dr. Finucane. Assistant
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Sarcomatous Growth. Primary union had followed, and now,
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many health stations which only require to be better known
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From the above it is seen that the mortality in the unvaccinated, and
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vaccination of infants and young persons is unjustifiable, and
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streets of less width than .''lO feet the heiglit of buildings
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resistance offered by a dense ring of fibroid tissue. Moreover
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needlessly hampered by restrictions which are looked upon
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involuntary, and pointed to the public approval of such com-
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i^ever.— Under this heading are included deaths from typhus, enteric
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versity Conference last -January, and outlined in the British
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which raise the upper lip, the augie of the mouth, and the frontalis
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all of these countries Dr. PALiMBERG visited for the express
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ment of tbe Japanese student leaves much to be desired: he is very
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man, aged 67, simulating in its physical signs a popliteal
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I might here add that ffecal flstulaj resulting from such per-
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didates so far as the support of the Association was concerned
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up on the right side but extended on the left. Purulent ex-