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postage etc. which were necessarily heavy from the wide
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litic infiltration of the pons but a general infiltration
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The fish brain was fixed in per cent formalin twenty four
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sulks go to him and speak kindly to him rub him down
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generally got along with from two to three. I have never seen
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ing is a sufficient dose. The leaves are large ovate and
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body which is already overloaded with tuberculin succumbs to the
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country. With few exceptions the instruction provided in our medical
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monia but in that of a bilateral empyema and was dem
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pany will be asked to demonstrate their support by enclosing a. check to
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wifdom and defign cf their creation. T is by this means that
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Despite the universal experience in the matter of in
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character of the rash which in scarlet fever is erythematous and the
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it is necessary to warn each of the professors of the esta
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And in furtherance of this object I think it my duty to warn
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stipated bowels is greatly to be helped by proper diet e. g. before
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tains the germs of the disease and that it is danger
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from eating a certain kind of smoked puddings which he regards as
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organization and cell development. Climate may exert
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Both discs are well varnished and attached to the outer sur
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methods of diagnosis have increased our knowledge of
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effect of the latter may be demonstrated by taking advantage of the fact
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ered at least some herbs herself. Some items she must have
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of accident and injury especially where there is liability
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plied to mysterious art of endeavoring to discover a
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the operation and the autopsy demonstrated that the tumor was a cere
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any other type of disease. It is common to hear or see
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expectations. The Reports of the Trustees present a dreary succession
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cases of diphtheria of the vulva Coues W. P. hysterectouiy
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apparently clean but in whom one could find on care
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duction of a better system of Medical education. He Dr.
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The sense of resistance communicated to the percussing finger is


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