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In the aljove case all the symptoms were aggi avated

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the more chronic cases the effects of lead poisoning are

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prevailing chilling winds. In the matter of artificial in

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Prajlector of Physiology and Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge. vo.

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gether at once being hel lt l together meanwhile by

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The two markedly noticeable qualities of the air are rar

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found undoubted cures from operation. Kocher in May reported

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hour and forcing him to get out of bed and void his

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neck cases and in those in which the patient was in

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the time possible. Some assistance was given by the State

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Sanitarium showed that the results of treatment of pay

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revealed the presence of a foreign body in the oesophagus

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part to involvement of the nuclei terminales N. cochlearis dorsal and ven

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extremities was characteristic of the specific pseudoparalysis of

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the drum membrane in addition to the change in color.

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has vanished and its attendant weakness has entirely disappeared.

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evident. It is interesting to note the lesion of hemi

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much was due to conditions existing in the schools

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cating the parents as well as the children. The public

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and a disinclination to face difficulties to do disagreeable things or

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are better off than those whose stomach or bronchi are affected undo

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membranes convulsions and palsy of the same alfection of the

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tion tranquil countenance expressive of freedom from pain

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blood and human blood were less successful. The best


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