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cattle and pigs. But the higher you feed them and the higher


injections of water pass through the large intestine and sometimes

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through any portion of the gastroenteric tract with

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tures consists in reducing the percentage of water by adding a dry

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cardium let me remind you that Dr. IVlerat mentions two successful

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is desirable to dispose of the body as soon as possible

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merry nature sleeplessness or sopor are very common occurrences. These

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and colouring are of clinical value and in most tropical

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service. Foster parents and foster children are entitled to

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praise from the best authority. We think that readers

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subcutaneous ecchymoses present. Lungs edematous. Pronoimced h postatic

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cal journals and in the home journals lately it has been considered one

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ample opportunity for observation says that deafness in

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In Dr. Keith s publication reporting the details of one

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prepared for its action. This correlation in function we have already

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discusison in relation to syphilis and general paralysis Jof

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distinctly inhibitive at a P H.. Rabbit bile in this respect offers an

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What kind of Ether was used was it pure Sulphuric Ether Chloric


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