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but on the contrary had given the greatest publicity

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Diseases of Kidneys and Spleen and Hemorrhagic Diatheses

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experimental evidence in its support is not wholly wanting. We can

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this action of the abdominal muscles is accompanied by


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observation. What are the signs and symptoms which must be

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The strangest thing in the case is that the skin closed

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The great injury to which steel instruments are liable when kept in

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of the tubes did not prevent the reaction but extirpation of

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such as have so often characterized the movements of the

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ers linendrapers etc. persons whose vocations do not bring

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choice of suitable local remedies may hinge upon a possible dys

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curable disease and can be cured in any climate but a much

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had formed themselves into a society for the discussion

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veins is not rare and occurs usually in connection with pylephlebitis. The

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tionally resistant to chemical and physical influences. Their

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ialine and vegetable diuretics may be given in succession and a diuretic

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circulating in the blood it becomes to under

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this correction especially as it bears out the contention of Dr.

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The various cutaneous diseases illustrate the other forms which

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tion the more intense the effect and consequently the

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with however one gain at the time of the operation the

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be that the scheme introduced is scarcely adequate. Such

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He agreed with the opinion expressed as to the more

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ing gastric ulcer. In this country Robert F. Weir of New York

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small muscles of the hand. Sensory disturbances are frequently present and

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sought to accomplish this by becoming sick if she could

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principally of hearing Prof. Leonard Pearson s paper on the

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months is shown to be larger than in the other season

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not appear that he ever had any serious affection the

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left though he uses the latter rather more. Patient says that the

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