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nomena of post hypnotic suggestion illusions and the
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are aftually cold will not only fpeedily diffipate many of their parts into
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protected by conjunctival flaps or skin Haps. If this also was impossible the
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Laborers Moscow reports two exceedingly severe cases
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ations to be full of interest revealing data sufficiently important
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the mentioned micro organism in fresh carcasses of animals dead of
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of pus when the cheek was lifted up. On examining the nose I
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recognizable partly on account of the obscurity of many of the
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Treatment of Facial Er gt sipelas. Nobecourt claims to
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sorbifacient. Apply about the size of a hickory nut in
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shall function only for the specific purpose assigned and
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house and fell violently forward on the brick floor becoming
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pital the death rate between and was only once below per cent.
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rics of witnessing operations in the infirmary and at other hos
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bath affects the gums and the salivary glands giving rise oc
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ivory end of the first having been cut off the point of the
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of the laboratory aud while as yet imperfect cannot fail to increase under
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at all. Complete retention may occur at any time from acid
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iner of the Union Central Life Insurance Company of Cincinnati. He
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of State and Municipal Meat Inspection to Supplement Federal
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which the course of the aneurism is very chronic. The aneurism illus
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was given as the tense abdominal muscles gave no sign
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creta he.fore serious symptoms arise My experience during the
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well being of the inhabitants of the tenement house dis
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be gleaned from all who have written on it in Europe.
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traced to indulgence in sJcohol involve the terminal
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ized by incapacity for sustained expenditure of energy both mental and phy
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tonitic adhesions were the usual factors. The symptoms appeared suddenly
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these gravel and calculus may be particularly mentioned.
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general and valuable a field of work the Osteopath has in working upon
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the university I opened some one hundred and fifty abdomens. If
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antimony the latter in metallic form and as lithium and
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could hardly have been more indignant if Dr. McCormack had accused
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Still more desperate are the cases which with the peculiar
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an extreme old age beyond the usual period of mortality even
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thickened. The right kidney was about the same in size
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complaint to the mayor that the quarter hour clanging of the
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rubidazone produced complete remission in of the patients with AML and in
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of gynecologic diseases by Playfair displacements of
ness continuing he was directed to bed and on visit
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perature had risen to F. and he was perspiring pro


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