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Bureau that the export trade of the United States in animals and
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Quaiacol has of late been employed as an internal antiseptic
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had been established inimical to the parasite but it was
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This is the more probable because it is by no means
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this was followed by a profuse and purulent discharge
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this group die from cerebral hemorrhage angina pectoris or other
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patient was he thought of great importance. It changed very
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Many observers have found Treponema pallidum in the syphilitic aortitis and
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inflammatory deposits in the iliac fossa per cent. In the
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It will be noted that the foregoing history and comments give no
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functions and in its nature but in its reaction to environment
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the vessels between the ligature and the kidney and the
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youth and the grace and dignity of manhood were com
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tetic sugars and is therefore a good measure of carbo
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fatal cases of spinal cord injury and he was careful to
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only abstinence symptoms and appetite and digestion have been
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Excisions of the Ankle Joint. Of twenty two recorded
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become more or less painful and swell joints also show
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these resistant forms of microorganisms were the spores of bacteria.
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was most valuable. With regard to anasarca he had been
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toms of pleuritic pericardial or peritonaeal involvement. Tuberculosis of the
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movements of trunk and limbs most marked in the arms.
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dean of the Grand Rapids Veterinary College made such strong
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the lining membrane could be relied upon to cure them.
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vomiting con igatipn diarrhrea abdominal pain hsemorrhoids etc.
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Somersetshire rch ological and Natural History Society.
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Nascentium he thinks that the history of the disease as ob
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tended with fever for the abforbents of the fkin are thus ftim
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so far as possible it was decided to spray and scrub the animals
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the gas was given to many thousands more. Still its use
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Treatment. Before discussing the treatment of coxa valga
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ful names. Various county societies had at times issued
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eration of the proliferated epithelium or in the fatty stage of large
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laryngoscope the mucous membrane looks swollen but much less red than in
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far and how fully this reserve can be made to reach


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