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increased of late that it was found necessary to erect a new

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the affection because in advanced cases of jmlmonary

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independent and might be taken separately. This incduded Medical and

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ordinary room temperature the Nissl s bodies are present clearly

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cation of this fatal and widely disseminated disease in the short

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and develop into ulcers merely from retiex spasmodic contractions

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ous syHtem being shattered a vasomotor puralysis is the result the

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member of the Holland Society of Natural and Medical

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small town which is situated a few miles below Ligao

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stage is reached thus causing the patient to breathe

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cause is still unknown. It was believed that diabetic

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in the Roman army in Germany and also in the Holy Wars as

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avers that yellow fever may attack the lower animals and

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towel is thrown over the child s chest up to the chin

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contraction of the orbicularis muscle but that it is function also of a

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treated with charcoal poultice and discharged freely.

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left the hospital in twelve days. The skin gradually faded.

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one to each battalion under whom are placed several

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vast amount of experimental facts and observations which render his

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what are the moft prevalent difeafes in other countries which prove equally

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mitted that it is of value only to indicate the im

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the neutral mixture with rest and extreme abstinence.

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is it difficult to account for the origin of the error for error

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excision of the astragalus though some claim that all cases

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Any one interested in this class of cases should read Dr. Gross

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Enlargement due to passive congestion the result of cardiac decompen

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constitutions. There is almost no limit to their extent

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Esq. Inspector General ot Hospitals formerly of Montreal

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the pains in his loins had lost their paroxysmal character

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quarantine and per cent. only are successfull kept out

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we find catarrhal inflammation of the gastro intestinal mucous membrane

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air with frequent and extreme thermometric changes. And yet a large pro

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the same century Fallopius Yesal and others described gall

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junctival mucous membrane of one eye. An ophthalmid reaction

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continued eight or ten weeks. As he had many decayed teeth

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Laennec s description of dilatation of the bronchi is complete

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