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Willis first gave the name olfactory nerve for simple
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If referred he must pay five guineas for re examination in
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sum are usually inflamed reddened and swollen the lymph
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nine miles from the Red Sulphur and twenty miles from the Salt Sulphur
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The colour of the skin becomes purple or livid the perspiration is
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in speech so common in the first few days after an apoplexy.
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peculiar attacks are immediately increased by the ordi
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the patient becomes buried in a liole formed by the elevation
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moderate price the fish of almost any kind all form con
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calcareous material from a thickened valve or a piece of
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day. The paralysis of the arm also seemed to improve when on the
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Transactions of the Nebraska State Medical Society. Lincoln .
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who have picked it up from water closet seats towels
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from the hsemoglobin. Melansemia is thus the consequence of
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phenazonum ten or fifteen grains to the ounce has been added is most
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was by no means a commercial one. The gentleman from
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alive only by the stimulus of their bodily activity
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resorts and institutions are equally deficient. Even though the
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marital relation. Untimely interference with uterine and urethral
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Kiepe s Materia Medica and Therapeutics. A Manual for Stu
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Treatment by Sclavo s serum was carried out during the
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an example the native doctors in Central Africa who are men
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he had one patient die. We all use remedies with which we do
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no inconvenience from any vesicle or urethral irri
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In cats and dogs it is probably subserved by the sym
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with the character and prevalence of cutaneous dis
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and young animals which were only shortly weaned may also
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Medical Association says Though the treatment may prove in
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leys stomach and intestines. These conditions are similar to those met
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ing to the bladder and further when inflammation in the kidneys is
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the fourth day. Haematuria is perhaps most common next haematemesis and
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procedure is necessary and frequent irrigation appears to me to
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diseased tissue. The author s method of operating was de
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such circumstances the operative interference in all
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may experience no discomfort. Such an apoplectic ovum appears at first
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tion which might have occurred in this fibroid mass had
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cold baths act perhaps they act in promoting diuresis for
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and in many cases by autopsy also. There must neces
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justifiable until inquiry had first been made into the cause of the failure
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boring parts occasioning suppuration of the glands cough and difficulty of
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of the affected muscle and on examination there will be


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