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affection has no anatomical characters except those of ordinary bronchitis.

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Suddenly the sputum becomes purulent and often ill smelling and the pa

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eign body had been lodged in the bronchus for seven

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materially aided by passing into the bladder a small

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the item of shortening the question at once suggests

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termitted their medicine and they went off suddenly.

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patient was cured in a little more than a fortnight.

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The bundle resulting from their union was one of the most com

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containing some of the same diarrhoeal dejection. To one tube was

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followed. In snch cases puncture of tlie membranes was usually

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tally on their back show sometimes especially when their blood

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district and the population is rapidly diminishing. During the past

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the relief of chronic intestinal stasis due to ptosis

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ings or herds. But unless conducted with the greatest care this

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not diagnosed but our associate Dr. Delano Ames discovered it

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wholesome exercise and enlivening conversation and you will

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sage and local massage over the abdomen are indicated. The latter plays

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the cervical epithelium to chemical irritation from

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In Cairo you meet with plenty of stale fish the native Christians aud

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puzzling resemblance to typhoid fever. The suggestive features in these

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Since it is impossible for the ventricle to respond to all the impulses


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