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All these remarks apply with increased force to the last ex

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least a half hour without being disturbed by food drink or gargles.

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tives as anise coriander fennel cascarilla ginger etc.

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ations of food residues in the tract above the obstruction

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he been but British Scottish or practicing in the Punjab

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not yet entered at the University. Those who are elected

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only temporary for on the following week all the distressing

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stretching of the sclera at the posterior pole is accompanied

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the dominant ocular symptoms does not receive adequate

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the partly successful experiments animals over three months old

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years between the educational and the sanitary author

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dead may be soon brought to life again if you squeeze six

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hands of butchers and veterinarians produced in this

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followed by evil results when given in large doses

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excTllntshot presentations of present knowledge and theories show mos

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each month. The uterus seemed sufficiently large to suggest the pres

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a diagnostic and prognostic standpoint in nephritis as it

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sinking respiratory quotient give no absolute proot

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Sir The following will confirm Mr. Brudenell Carter s statement

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Industry but the Hungarian workers have introduced modifications

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of secondary syphilis evidently contracted from her

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Meeting then opened for the discussion of the various cases

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at its room recently among other business transacted was the

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most exceptional instances produced by small ftecal masses or

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will not interfere with immediate union but that will have a ten

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One of the commonest and best kinds of red Ilmigarian wine

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la tuberculose par les sels de chaux. These Paris .

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legs are found perfect there is no rupture no elongation of the

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abdominal aorta you will get important results very frequently. In other

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No subject relating to the prevention of infectious

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description the clearness of style of which the French are so eminently

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again a piece of fish or sweetbread. She was kept in

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sive and the first noteworthy manifestations may be referable to the liver.

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tankerous ironical and clever in injuring everybody.

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porate it into their treatises to these therefore we first

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deformed and diseased persons should be treated in consonance with

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This is a tropical disease characterized by weakness wasting of the

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