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sion of the Accused. In making this examination note
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The infiltration at the base the dark colour and the neighbouring glandular
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ethylene in vaseline is a good application to use on
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arsenic and d those with cod liver oil. These patients were
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The symptoms of concussion appear immediately after
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jurisdiction and working of the Commission in Lunacy and
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useless. I admitted her into my private hospital and on November
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tions from the surgical standpoint. patients without definite typhoid give
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nation and in all these respects the surgical service of Paris shows
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The placenta which was large and single was expeileil without
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the analogy of similar processes elsewhere make it probable that
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a fluctuating abscess formed opposite the old scar on the skin. This
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similar characters. In their series the non salicin fermenting strains.
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tions of cells were found to be hypersusceptible to the action of saponin
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regretted that a field of such interest has been abandoned by the
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calculate how many doses of salts he is taking in a year for
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ever a change of bed and laiment would be most desirable
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of calomel one fifth grain three times a day. The mouth and
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as professors in Colleges of Pharmacy and by exercising their option in
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we can during the current summer prognosticate the healthiness or
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antacid however is heavy magnesia which results in the formation of mag
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way to the knee leaving the legs bare from that point nearly to
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the most interesting and instructive in the history of the human race.
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many of the bones it may be fairly asked so diagnosed
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nerve sheath is the seat of an extensive soft fungoid oedema.
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charitable work which the infirmary is called upon to
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tion whether the savage child s undressed condition does not
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the stomach to the tuberculous masses in the lungs gt
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is unlike the flannel red surface of the papilla which
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At times the secretion is distinctly purulent. This
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poliomyelitis in some instances both before and after death. He noted that the
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Calisaya less than one per cent Pitayo Bark one per
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intestines and proving that on some occasions the affection
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a form of systematic dystrophy analogous to myxedema and probably
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dangerous. Unconsciously each of us became an amateur weather
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An interesting experiment in the blood serum method


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