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Fle xner thought it probable that the virus left the body
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that iu sleep the arteries may be more influenced by light
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the resulting colonies are apt to lie more uniformly dis
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procedure is necessary and frequent irrigation appears to me to
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control of the insurance from the hands of the friendly
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The duties falling to the school medical officer are thus seen
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parents passing over the healthy parents as is urged by some ardent
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ly fertile peopled and healthy section is desolated.
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The heat comes from a register in the wall above the
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sufficiently to allow the head of the child to pass out. The
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involved three hours were required for the operation.
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diminution occurred in the extent of the induration.
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system to various morbid influences. This condition of system and
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Where mitral stenosis is extensive it ranks next to aortic regurgitation in
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cess seems to depend on the irrigation of the bowels
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be relied upon any more than the most blatant patent on the
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supply of cotton From St Louis Clinical Review January .
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along the optic nerve to the brain stimulates the visual centre
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from whom I would like to hear an expression of opinion.
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allows him to construct from them a moral support the
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and in many cases by autopsy also. There must neces
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or inhaled the small arteries stimulated by blood de
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diversion of continual employment and the education of the
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It had been supposed that different kinds of wood and
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considerably reduced in volume by the amount of liquid the respiratory
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tioner can make himself at home can discuss medical ques


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