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to prevent anchylosis than the various resolvent remedies which are com

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a long list of sequelae which are inconstant in their occurrence and

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effect of the climatic influences upon the functions of

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must at all events be looked on as a serious symptom.

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out which the latter could not J e studied with sufficient

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the pharynx the stomach pipe cBSophagus stomach bowels intes

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cells of the body and as each new cell contains fat

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their Physiological Etfccts and Tlisrapeaticsl U. ij

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of similar experiments may be met with in most of the recent

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fairly definite course beginning by a severe rigor and attaining its

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to run its course undisturbed. Antipyretic drugs for their influence upon

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more or h ss curved and ramifying more or les.s trans

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So far as Dr. Hunter s observations go the following

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to the right filling up the right side of the pelvis and causing

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while about the cholesterin crystals large multinucleated giant cells

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had not given the slightest information since the Public Health Act

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strued into the cry of a sick child or by the eager

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the nerve cell it is nonmeduUated and is known as postganglionic

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The fij t cattle to reach the territory now included in the United

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formerly although this was not the fault of the medical officers

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Original articles contributed exclusively to The MEDI

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A beautiful illustration is afforded by this case of the automatic

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which was of interest both from a clinical and anatomical

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when she was caught between two slowly moving cars.

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the femur. I have not had much experience in its use in these

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the majority of instances such a mother has borne but one or

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the second interspace or the third cartilage anteriorly and at the level

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cause for their production. No man can prophesy their appearance.

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has since shown no symptoms referable to deprivation of

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more direct assault it certainly is a point well worthy

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water and soap and then covered with a piece of wash leather ot

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about six weeks. In his case it was about five weeks.

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In ophthalmia neonatorum the knowledge that one is dealing

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anteflexed but it possessed that disagreeable feature that the uterus

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individual to multiply. But insuceptibility does not

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lips and tongue in an excoriation with thickening borders ana

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as the posterior inferior cerebellar artery. Shortly before the vertebral

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agency may be it is difficult as yet to say but in I

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be had for the amount of exposure. The penetration of the

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the Employment of the Vichy Waters in Chronic Affections

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less if nothing will go wrong if ordinaiy care and common

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precipitate of red or orange color is formed by the

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arithmetical jumble of proteins carbohydrates fats

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tory he is acquainted. Collections to a valuable extent are form


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