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lives. These seem to them particularly illuminating
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hind legs pulled apart or spread and the scrotal and inguinal re
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of those eminent and lenrned surgeons the question of the nature
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after the passage of the procession the men were fallen in
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tions with the civilized world there arose the dread of an
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Diagnosis. This disease is distinguished from poliomyelitis by its
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gurated with regard to killing mosquitos in and about
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and according to the severity of the disease on this its
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ing certain coloured rays of white light the same always for the
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complete and the pains taken in keeping account of and
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any reflex symptoms by codeine which is rarely called for till after
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to the following foot note Decolorize the solution before using
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Upon further consideration however it seemed best to forego this activity
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cases gt three in number showed little or no improvement.
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Some of us have even gone so far as to preserve por
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of inflation and speculation was at its full. Its management was a close
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weakness of the sexual organs more especially wit excessive pollu
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left the Infirmary had a pistol fired at him by the captain
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is allowed to some to others beer cider or even water ac
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lip or otherwise forcibly destroy chancres is but to give new
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the subject of serum diagnosis. It is sufficient to say
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tumid and tender and the edge of the Uver could be felt below
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apt to present deflection as illustrated in those races it is strange


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