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affected nerve. Sometimes general depletion is demanded.
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such conditions it should be denominated as secondary purpura
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Is there any other way of expending a similar amount
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which a presumably correct diagnosis had been made. The most
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doubled upon itself the uth of the orgau not being tilted up before
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ber of cases of various types of hemorrhage in which an
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seemed to develop around the masses except that late in the process
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evening to insure freshness. Place in a tall bottle or jar
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result to the fixation of the fragments by the plug and to
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draft resolutions on the death of the late.losiah C.
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these cases where either the gall bladder or cystic duct
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classify some of the round worms in which only slighl anatomical
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some cases of systemic infection as well as inflammatory conditions of the
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factory and workshop. Much of this is preventable in fact prevented
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and when placed upon Ice take a jelly form especially grateful to
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explained many of the phenomena of life on the sup
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the General Council of the University of St. Andrews is committed
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died. For this reason in the severe diarrhea of infancy
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past seven months the patient had complained of mild
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heard referred to as to the cause of hemorrhage which we
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I clief. The facts lead us farther and justify the distinction here
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the earliest stages of development when the chorion was growing most actively
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committee except those acts omissions or decisions which
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inoculation. Besides while the positive result of the inoculation surely
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Miss Helen Tufts Assistant Secretary London Children s Aid Society
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intravenous method of injecting the virus is to be followed hogs
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Henricus Ryley Anglus. De Contextu Generis Humani Cutaneo.
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Istria the Ukrain and Dalmatia the precautions taken
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Macdonald Greville M.D. Laryngologist to King s College Hospital London
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foration one should not wait for an exact diagnosis and
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tops as the animal could eat. Some constipation had been no
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of the bleeding be the pharynx the hemorrhage is oot free the
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valuable adjuvant to other therapeutical agents wherever this
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third day. The second case was one of quotidian ague and
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the testis some of the Wolffian tubules become effective parts of
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of the vessel containing the urine. In the present article the ex
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though it certainly smarts for a time it gives imme
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influence over purulent discharges and in particular the
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acute form the patient formerly temperate takes suddenly to excessive
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from which he almost bled to death the edge of his foot
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by pressure forceps. All bleeding vessels were then
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among persons living in crowded and unventilated rooms.
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opinion that lead and probably also arsenic affect inde
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When the aortic valves are contracted or shortened and the open


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