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condition often with purulent infiltration such as is more commonly seen in

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reaching the Crimea just after the battle of Inker

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and the air loaded with the atoms inhaled by fluids saturat

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tion without relief increase in size slowly took place

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petigo and pemphigus form antecedent and associated conditions.

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the pyramids have an intense beefy red tint. The glomeruli in some instances

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sicians Professor Penrose might seem to inculate a too ready resort to

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The differential diagnosis of the different forms of obstruction will be

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stitutions such as Morningside Asylum where a large number

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ferior instrument especially so whenever the fragments

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which we are now discussing. There is indeed only one fact

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The commonest is fibroma or fibrous polyp which not infrequently is

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the disease namely in the throat and the second is to

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the following classes that he can supply Cavalry and riding

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favourably hut cautiously. We believe that this method of treatment

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of inspiration or expiration. Eespiratory movements of both inspiration

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that there was some primary irritation with consequent

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and from whom I removed the breast only are all alive.

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graduates to attend Swarthmore College. He was graduated from Swarth

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ing only sterile water. No experiments were made with gloves

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in their diameters. This is shown by the uniformity coefficient a term

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and the patient may refuse or be unable to answer questions.

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sumably this is due to the lower vitality of the non gravid

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tion is to be established for the purpose of aiding

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that the cantons simply wish to pass their own laws

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variety of the modes for saving life by medicine and further to illustrate

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usually slightly acid to litmus. The tonsil and fauces were

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Dr. W. Gill Wylie said he could see little to object

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