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improvement in absorption and general nutrition following exhibition

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was retracted. The head was held rigidly and there was

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atrophy and the lashes eventually cease to grow after passing through suc

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an interval of several years. Children under are most susceptible.

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to heavy bodies which would otherv ife raife it as appears by equal

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existed no fixed ratio between the amount of atheroma and the degree

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to examine for any soft matter left behind if any was

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a plaster on linen and applied to the part. This will be borne

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l ilious vomiting tenderness of the region about the stomach and pain as

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give him a mild kind of shock leaving him tremulous

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the age of twelve being left an orphan destitute of pro

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ance to that of the species just described. It consists of a primary

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failed to give results the intravenous method should be

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deformity. As a result of the former the muscles undergo

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is atony of the muscular coats due to various and dissimilar causes

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found situated higher up or further away from the vaginal outlet

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of the new phenomena are then the only guides we have to

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explanation of the relief afforded by the diathermic

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Cause. A contagion which is particularly communicable to

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The same holds good in showing that while sensory paralysis is ap

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placed downward exaggerates it by pressing it still further downward

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quent. Drowning in the Ohio is an accident which often hap

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the right parotid gland swelled the other one being af

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without resistance. Gradually the chorionic tufts lengthen

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the facts were all well and clearly demonstrated the utility

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of the theory that the pleura is the natural protector

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were made by Netter at the recent International Con

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This article is an eminently practical one as is also

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sur le traitement des deviations vert brales et

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when the exudation is distributed over the vertex of the cerebral hemispheres.

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perience he states that the dominant action of mag

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the welfare of the community for the development of medical

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malnutrition nutritional assessment and nutritional support. The Abner Calhoun

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