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quarter of an inch below downwards and backwards to the
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able. A routine vaginal examination should always be
what is in imodium
and peculiar form of the paraly lie sj tnptomS BS well as
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congenital deformity such as hare lip and club foot.
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slight and sometimes accompanied by pain and tenesmus. The stools
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presence of encapsulated trichina spiralis in large
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found undoubted cures from operation. Kocher in May reported
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ing as published extracts from the proceedings of the
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venience and danger to which therapeutical measures are specially directed.
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on the other hand the reason for the facility wdth which the
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he was appointed by Lieutenant Governor Gore as Lieutenant
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without interference with the sternum will fulfill every
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rectly attributable to acute endocarditis the changes
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unknown are attributed to him all of which he acknowledges with a kind
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members. He would venture to add as a precaution that
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Permanent Atrophy of a Part of the Shoulder and Arm
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see is important in the report of the few remarks which I made
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minute. The fa e was somewhat flushed aud the extremities cold and
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latter the large bowel is commonly affected by pathologic conditioDi
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not be drawn down. Accordingly a piece was removed for
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gectomy or during the removal of growths which hold the uterus
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death during the puerperal state had been recently published
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tive when such measures are absolutely needed. Senna tea and
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tion was first performed by Nelaton and consists in open
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A geological rot onnaissance of the Island of Mindanao and the Sulu
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rf the lung into the connective tissue of the mediastinum and thence into
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risen to the surface then remove the cork and let one
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Some of the wards in the temporary hospitals were built
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patient stated that there was complete absence of pain. The
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nized the endemic occurring in definite localities as the
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The study of the rate of growth of bacteria and the extent of
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lent diseases affecting Honduran live stock. Reliable information
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sary and quite justifiable and for this recommendation I
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and regret. From the report of a well qualified observer the cattle are
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mena to be observed in such an apparatus. It differs from an
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