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a surprisingly acute and exact description of the mucosa in certain

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emporium of the East so long as they know sufficient to gain

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have acted as the exciting cause of inflammatory changes in the

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an unnaturally white appearance from unduly rapid pro

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selves out on the surface of the fascia itself. Heiden

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sively the seat of the intellectual operations it appears

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body by means of a disinfecting solution and that a

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AppliraWm To ten parts of water add one of the concentrated Tinc

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of ciliated epithelium evidently carcinomatous. The cilia were

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ciation s physicians. The superintendent wrote to di

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The patient took the anaesthetic remarkably well and never

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before direct pressure is exercised upon it by the presenting

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of the staff and so to increase expense through the advances

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A ith accurate massive filtered doses of the rays good

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ing from severe diabetes mellitus had a decided effect

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ested in the success of this undertaking as it aims not

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ported by evidence. If the solutions are injected sub

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exert some force of traction. The operation is very simple.

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body the extremities being the parts last to be invaded.

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entirely abandoned at the present day. Eecent work is tending to show


thalmic Hospital Reports to recognise its special character

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a skilful operator. The X ray is now used in treating cancer

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nitrite in the treatment of rabies and syphilis. The results were successful

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ministered the arid to many jjatients but has generally


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