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fully reconsidered in the order in which they were determined.
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ing etc. Also in atrophy of the sternomastoid the aesthetic side must
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was puldished in the original treatise on the diseases of the breast
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jected intravenously per minute increases the heart rate by as much as
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position there became increasingly important. To speed up the process of
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ity to resist the invasion of the bacillus. It is a
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with their recognition. It is best therefore when these are
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vliule suliject requires to be studied anew without
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microscope. One can see distinct fiber damage shown here as loss of
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tinued up to and for some time after the removal of the stone.
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press or posted on fences and telegraph poles in connection
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ing to the origin of the superior maxillary branch and possibly a
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At The Johns Hopkins Medical School we have been led to the adoption
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say it is not necessarily followed by serious complications.
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ishes that he is not moon eyed or white eyed for such
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which at first was straight becomes bent upon itself
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There are several ways of takin tracings of the movements in
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Le Clainche and Vallee found that guinea pigs innnunized by attenuated
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one of two layers inner and outer of the retina com
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encircles the Haversian canals of the stag s antler at the time of
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His advice confirmed the conviction that the State must
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mitral areas. The pulmonary second sound is accentu
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attention of the hospital physicians who gave him instruction.
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sequent pathological history of perforative appendi
tractus genitalis and tractus urinarius are prone to
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ning the Well Baby Clinic the Western Health District and the Medical Care
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This section is under the combined supervision of the medical and surgical
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older cereals as hominy oatmeal cracked wheat Indian meal
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United States Civil Service Commission announces that on


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