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accompanied by expectoration. The fever which forthwith declared

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In raising the dumlvbells over the head be careful that they are

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As a matter of interest it might be stated the staff

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confusion of the former and the stupor of the latter were

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cent of the patients claimed to have had fever previ

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assert that whatever were the merits or demerits of

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Manufactures and keeps constantly on hand a general

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to the primitive pathological element the disorders that are

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knighted while immersed to the chin in a highly decorated bath.

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pension do not affect the freezing point for to pro

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ence can accept this dictum. In fact the presystolic

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of this and although maltose is very much the fashion just now

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ease in fact is sometimes the first symptom progressing

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In conclusion I shall only mention that since this practice

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numerous instances had been healed through the power

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This rise is pronounced if the splanchnic nerve is stimulated during the

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For information on preparation of manuscript see advertising page

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with good results was the free use of hydrogen peroxid so

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of simple purgatives without oflfeudiug the palate.

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chills snuffling and much sneezing soon the cough appeared

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The paper was illustrated with lantern slides showing

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and deodorizing influence and is used in skin diseases and as a surgical

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As I end my year as your President again I promise you

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ber den Einflussvon Alkoholgaben bei der Behandlung

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galvarism through the growth with the destructive actionof the negative

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nursing will render even more valuable than now the clinical

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sional skill in his own case. In a letter to a friend he

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dried cancerous lymph nodes rubbed up with salt so

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nor form correctly a single letter and cannot write from dictation or

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buded from the hair follicles. The parts look as if sprinkled with a

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cal sympathetic nerve. In all these cases the connective tissue

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goose flesh etc. precede to be followed later by vasodilator changes.

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have spent more than the usual time in clinical study at the

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Kastle p. thirteen persons Scheller p. conducted an extensive

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