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tremely important that you should understand exactly

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time in case any show signs of deterioration. India

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but the grounds they take are very similar to those on which

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cated the desirability of stringent laws to protect the

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and influenza also gastric and hepatic disorders and

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The work now reported covers tests on patients. Fresh

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ment he said was often not sufficient and he had found

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alive and well. I injected another guinea pig with some offensive

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fastened so as not to compromise valuable time and yet be adjust

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physiological action of trichlorethidene propenyl ether

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and keep them dry warm and comfortable. Watch closely

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a progressive cachexia caused by tuberculosis of the kidney. He reports

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it is used in different states of concentration in prep

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as they are occasioned by a poison which entering the blood

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tine if acid fast bacilli had been found in the feces

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other hand it was of little avail either in organic or

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set in with fall of temperature and about forty six hours after

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for its cause chronic malarial intoxication cinchona and its alkaloids are

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truly a mother in Israel are the following pages aflfectionately

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history of a case of cystic disease of the kidneys and

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The discovery that single pressure suits were equally effective as suits with

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have. There is no probability that we shall ever have a micro

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symptoms attendant on each. It may be well to commence with

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thrombin and making use of it he has shown a great prolongation of

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of hunger from the starving muscles never reaches the


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