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Dr. William Hunter British Medical Journal No. writes

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that without toxical power no microphyte can live. Even

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of family longevity. You will recall that in order to

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From this centre certain epidemics invaded Galicia Bohemia Saxony and

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instances the perforation has taken place during the last days or

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my observation or experience. I cannot undertake to speak as he

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by cathartics to increase peristalsis or by injections of

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sent hastens their cicatrization. Quinine is useless in

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these vessels correspond in distribution with the eth

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numerous. Aldibert. reports the case of a girl who at years

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high risk sexual practices to engage in low risk sexual practices

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President of the New London DemiatoloKieal Society.

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tion to the great care which has to be used with the.v


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