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method if you seek for antisepticity see that you really have it

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the stomach or duodenum. The liquids should consist of


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liver linked on to excess of fat in the blood. Is it not

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Cause vomiting by large draughts of warm water and by

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was no other obstruction whatever in the air passages. Sections of the

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not being fufficiently fortified againft the cold by their own internal

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that the child be kept quiet. The next day I was hur

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of a subcutaneous or more strictly subosseous injury.

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figures of the structures of the quadrumanous brains given

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the rupture of the extensor pedis longus tendons and by dis

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free hydrochloric acid on the stomach side of the pylorus.

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involving the scrotum is actually adherent to the testicle or unless the

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to Meniere s disease the afferent nerve being according to his view the

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tration of strength with no pulse and in two or three days some

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ences produce skin diseases and facilitate the appearance

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general results of our new experiments also coincide

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knowledged obscurity. If Dr. Bird s views be correct and

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it makes a most useful if not absolutely indispensible investment

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or swelling. Formation of pus is rare. It occurred only twice in cases

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and attention must be directed to the prevention of mischief to the

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the agar could be used without correcting the reaction. Recently

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can prevent the introduction of Asiatic cholera in this country and

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detail nothing that appeals for its enthusiastic and

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ing being practically sectional that is to say certain

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spinal meningitis New York six Buffalo and Worcester three

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objections to Tarnier s forceps. The discussion natu

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congestion of the lungs are cold feet tight clothing

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the neck back and elsewhere with formation of bullae

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flights of elocpienee but his restless motion and nervous face remind

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would be that guided by the presence of torulw we should

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bearing of mechanical stress and strain on the other hand

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of the Royal College of Surgeons of England by examination in

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