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are uncommon in his own locality and thereby broad

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communication with a leper for it is not a supposable case that

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tumor the size of a fetal head occupying the left lowei

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putt him out of his paine and which Sir Charles promised to

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intend however in future cases to proceed cautiously in the

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larger community and able to participate in some of the social

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one of his finger joints. The history of the case states

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Before beginning my address I propose in accordance with what ap

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is located about the roots of the hair give an alkali

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they had not only considerably increased in number but elongated groups

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errors. The throbbing aorta the preternatural pulsation in the epiga

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Aristol is indicated in Mycosis Lupis Psoriasis Syphilitic diseases generally etc. etc.

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cessive days. The stools too frequently contain pus but are

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a recognised medical school.. The candidate must have attended

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be sometimes useful in this direction. The broad liga


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