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tion of hysterotomy offered many advantages over that of Caesarean
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ard Hill stated that the pressure in the capillaries under certain
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tistics of general hospitals for the past twenty years show a decided increase
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tions. Especially is this common in vaginal celiotomy
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The selection of the members of this committee shall be referred
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and is generally attended with sharp pain the hemor
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When writing to advertisers olease mention the Medical Age.
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symptom complex of auto intoxicatiou and neurasthenia. Obsti
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and excitement without gratification are all disturb
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A Treatise on Surgery. By American Authors. For Students and Practitioners of
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drawn off this evening and is found to be still alkaline. th
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hsemorrhagica interna chronica is not a disease of the
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pathology of milk lactation and nutrition are carefully discussed and
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for his history or if it is the first visit he takes his
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deter us from a further trial. In explanation of this
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The Seminal Vesicles in Gonorrhoea. Charles L. Scud
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Goodell puts the matter very tersely when he says page The cru


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