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careless in this respect than the other nationalities.
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and a gentle disposition. The former was heroic in treatment
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the organ contained eight pints of bile and was so large that it
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have rummaged among the forgotten dramas of the Georgian
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blood. The lung tissue has a reddisb hrown color and as there
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Presented by representatives of National Committees
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except that the north line ran through the southern extreme of Lake
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I have under such circumstances withdrawn the quinine
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organism and one which is produced by the introduction into the body
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all probability outside that locality. It is pointed out
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practice states that there are two chief indications
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But little space remains. It is not possible to speak at length
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both eyes. There was no trace of globe in either orbit. The orbital
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able upon each other distinct nerves a spinal marrow with bulgings but
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giving stimulants and supporting treatment is more plausible
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clivities of the nervous system are at least contributive causes.
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tion may here be urged and a very pertinent one that
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The cord presented a slighter degree of exudate chiefly
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by one motion or manipulation of the string the most
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ing was the feature of German medical instruction will
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teeth are not merely cutting instruments but are endowed as
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ambient air which depends upon its conftant gravity is undiminifh d the
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doctors. The question then at issue was fairly and fully
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cephalitis in children the first installment of which he presented
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hemagglutinins and immune hemolysins from mother to offspring. He found that
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for General Proficiency f l to the most meritorious student or
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which the nerve is distributed. In other words the stimula
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tain the drainage by means of gauze and that the incision
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abdomen and legs and moderate dyspnea. During the past week both the
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ignorance. Every author must have experienced the annoyance of observ
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nothing to do in the remotest manner witn what they regarded as
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moist sounds without either expectoration or cough. In well established
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Perhaps there is no agency in the whole etiological catalogue
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tent fevers chills etc. and other malarial ailments. He reports cases
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nnraucTOB in obstetrics in the Philadelphia polyclinic assibtaht demombtkatob


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