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the IjTnph glands or they may cause a general septicemia.
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loop above the first knot. A similar tie and loop with silkworm
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specimen and must in the meanwhile venture to express
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JAMES A. MOORE Printer and Sansom Street Philadelphia.
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borne in mind that frequently the facial and lingual arteries arise by a
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Professor of Medicine Associate Director of Cardiology
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expressed himself thus Dr. A. Jacobi said that he had seen many
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committees with your address add county or ward in cities.
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nothing more. If it be administered under circumstances as
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On December the Deputy Surgeon General called these facts to the
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methods of fixation of fractures will not find them in this
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of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and of the London
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lack of suitable occujiation. Not rarely forced exercise may bring about
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first called attention to this gland as a possible focus of disease.
author is the fixation abscess instituted by inject
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trict of Washington took the view that Congress in
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cial conditions tetanus malignant edema and occasionally otlier path
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to a disposition on the part of children to scratch
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half inch long and the male is one sixth inch in length. The
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generalize from a few particular cases and how easily
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and successful results as far as obtaining continued
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breath he would not feel anything I thought was a very
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infallibility of his medicines. Indeed he is considered by many
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secondary symptoms were mild and in two only were they severe.
were distinguishable just as we may now distinguish mild and malig
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in the West who four years previously had had removed
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disease. He relates cases with obstinate vomiting where
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above. In this case the presenting pari is al its maximum
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course which corresponds to the examen physimm in the German uni
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apparatus. Connexion between the nature of the aliment and the ex
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infectious diseases to which children are so prone.
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as plating with gelatine but agar is the only solid medium
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its primary seat amid the muscles of the upper leg but
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ration whatever upon the patient. Black vomiting with
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unusual amount of serum. Structure of the brain appeared to
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whether or not uric acid played any role in some of
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more under cultivation the rainfall probably will be lessened.
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speech however great may have been the stock of these accumu
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much farther in the reduction of the number of thcfe
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ment. Specially prepared cover slips for blood films
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obtained were of anaphylactic shock and not of infectious anemia.
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called to intubate on October i ith and found cyanosis
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