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also constitutional infections. At a Brighton Congress on a similar subject he

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Experimental studies suggested that the expected life of the acrylic eye might

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coveries the disease ran its course. He therefore looks

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cation for this operation that stands out prominent

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them exist and of full doses of narcotics if the delirium be excited

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the skin over the growth and left for a brief period of

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King William the Conqueror confirmed both grants as did

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is I repeat this essential difference between them that contagion

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I case sarcoma in cases callous cicatrices. Results

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of Upper Canada and the first incumbent of St. Mark s Parish.

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window in the inferior meatus. If herniation of the orbital contents had

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and front part of the right side and pericarditis. These latter complications

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turing of athletic programs in an effort to minimize physical

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The treatment of these cases requires more patience

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The double test meal about which the late Dr. Henry Salzer of

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leaves intermixed with sulphate of iron the remaining per cent

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tion of the water is said to have shown freedom from con

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always aljsent in pleurisy and a pleurisy is almost the

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entirely independent of local interests prejudices and in

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injury and trust ini to the normal pulse and absence of shock has

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toms had not changed there was in addition muco purulent

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many of our profession. Indeed it is the undue importance which

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ganglion by cutting the pars intermedia. A patient of his.

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from his pressing official duties and announces that

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The patient J. C was sixteen jears of ase strong tolerably robust

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most satisfactory result ensued and patient was discharged

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disorder or vitiated condition of the blood that this

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of the almost constant finding of thickened arteries.

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