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attack adults as well as children and is readily cured ringworm of

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This treatment was prompted by the effect of infusion of the salt

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figures tabulated as shown by the accompanying diagrams numli rs I and and

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motor oculi communis which demanded a nearness of origin of which

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difficult to trace in a community where there are numerous othe

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which are looked upon as primary symptoms were treated suc

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given organ or tissue and the differing incidence of

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if well marked almost canclu ively denoting the superveutiou of

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How to administer massage is described by Dr. Douglas Graham in a very

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Morgan Williams physician and surgeon Llansantffraid Conway.

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means of caustic potash Recamier. The last mentioned pro

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The relation between the number of convulsions and the amount of

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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to

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lescence was prompt in every way and the patient was

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containing pus in which the cricoid cartilage opaque yellow in colour lay free.

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ness of competition in our cities. Weak eyes are not

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ship Medical Jurisprudence and Chemistry at Guy s Hospital

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Hemoptyais not Due to Pulmonary Tuberculosis. a In affections of

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manijmlation a probe introduced through it could be

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The pulsus paradoxus in which d uring inspiration the pulse wave is

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mass of filth is discharged into a large open sewer called Gowanus Canal.

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scalpels or incision knives for dilating wounds or any

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inflammation which runs a rapid course and extends to

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he complained of the coldness of his body and desired more

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stages. Some relief to the feeling of weight in the distended abdomen may

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breeches. It might apply to some men men of the lower types

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It should be emphasized that the system unlike that of ward classes

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one case and succeeded in restoring the life of the

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well chosen sentences the Dean spoke weighty words of wis

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