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one half grain. in cocoa butter may accomplish the same result.

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contain but few bacilli while the neighbouring lymphatic glands which

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reputation as a physician. His intercourse with his

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way to accepting a peripheral agency as productive of the

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feeling in Philadelphia was the same as in New York.

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former might be caused by inertia large size of the

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started a disarmament program that would guarantee that the world would not be

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by a brief summary of the anatomy and function of those

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and by hypnagogic hallucinations. It is possible to

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of the heart and the transverse colon. Inquiries were made

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v as so uni ersally beloved and respected as Dr. Edmondson.

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criminal anthropology written in his usual interesting stj le.

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temperature as the surface of the bather s body. The result is

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the wave of concentrated blood was calculated to take in traveling from

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in the great and fudden thaws that fometimes begin from the bot

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stove is said to be wet or humid in the opposite case

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phthisis until he bad examined a thousand chest cases.

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develop near the visceral pleura where there is more connective tissue. This

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In one village we visited over three thousand of the

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harbors in the world deep capacious and well sheltered.

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patients. Naturally the consent of the subjects was ob

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do refractions. In that case only portable optical units would need be supplied

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in conjunction with the Rontgen ray. By the use of this

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as even in the femur he had got good results with plaster

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exhausted and the most scrupulous fairness and exactness in eliciting the

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contraction with decreased renal flow followed by ex

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tion and as energetically as possible. Following these views his mode

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accomplished. In every case the ultimate aim of inquiry is a

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ilies or those who had suflered from scrofulous enlargements when young

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made for the correction of various deformities. He also puts on record


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