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alba becomes elliptical in shape the greatest separa

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poverished condition of the blood the frequency with which this

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of it might be designated according to anatomical peculiarities.

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help of Mr. Leach the head of the dispensing department

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of special damaj es inasmuch as his client had come into

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anteriorly to spine of scapula and lower border of fourth rib

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tion of the bladder in pregnancy and labour from so many reliable

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In the old burying ground at Oxford on the border of

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instances the signs which are presented to his attention in

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I wish to show yon this morning six eases presenting one feature

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present only in the intestines of persons suffering from

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The disease diminished in Austria as a result of regulations passed in

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clined to differ with Dr. Taylor as to the value of

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back at least to the early Greek physicians and its

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cases the exacerbations are due either to a fresh growth

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brought to the operating table after the proper exam

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nndear cells with a leukocytosis of. The temperature

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The variety of the pathogenic agents in meningitis consequent on otitis

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traumatic from insufficient care being taken during the

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than half of this sometimes considerably less. The amount of garbage

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a coroner s jury. The question is whether there is not

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The location r iescription of the organs as lixed by phreuologists

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but the same object is attained by reducing New South Wales and any

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less fatal to adults than the traumatic form of the disease.

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physical well being weight and general appearance were better after

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ease which is threatening a descent upon us Diphtherite. Dr.

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the incidence of tetanus in the present war is greater

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as Boas has repeatedly observed. Some cases show the formation

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it proved to be a violent poison which usually caused

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possible of solution. Thus the differentiation of a catatonic stupor from a

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ing an illustration of the ingenious though rather cumbrous

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leucocyte emigration takes place fiUing the glomerular capsule


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