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distomes or their ova. Since reading Yamagiwa s paper I am still

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before him. He stipulated that such lemedies should

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or sets of questions. It is further provided that the examination

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found that authors have referred to the same condition. In this case

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Great Britain was free from the disease between and. Since

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or intussuscepted bowel and still have recovered but the un

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to the practitioners of future ages would enable them to draw

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the disease but he mistook it for a diplococcus an excusable error

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When the intestines are so distended with gas that when per

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medicine had been exhibited for the cure of the venereal disease.

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patient is completely restored to health. A fatal re

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ference more or less significant will often be observed

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itching may precede or be unassociated with jaundice. More severe

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made of it and if puddings of a finer quality are needed

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The hard and dry gypsum bandage being pervious does

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only. From this our firft aflertion is very evidently

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These courses are not. however gratuitous like those usu

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there is usually a clear history either of antecedent vaginitis or of an

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or graduated tube. M. Bernai d applied this instrument before

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M omb first having cleaned it from dirt dung and straw.

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with strips of the fur of the bear and various water

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second case on delivering a child at full term he was

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the organ be almost entirely outside of the body. Not only

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than the original acid chloride fluid. This may best be

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the other variety. The cell membrane was hard to determine. Between

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tory of milk inspection in Omaha and throughout his talk you could see

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purge their propaganda of the trickery and evil insinuation

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and the indiscriminate closing of schools useless and

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fibers is termed peristalsis. Although different ef

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form there is an accumulation of air in the connective tis

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rhage from the bowel and less trouble with urination.

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culture to alcoholic solution of guaiacol and creosote for seconds to

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Strebel finds that by the Hght bath and by local application

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posite side about half way down was a small knob of

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In a case of human biliary fistula in which the patient received

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part her attention was again directed to it. It was at that time

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as sentinels guarding the exterior approaches of the body.

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in the same manner but sometimes vanishes suddenly as if by magic without

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muscular frame but somewhat flabby as if he had formerly

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other hand. These veins may become varicose oesophageal piles and as

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should be given a thorough trial before surgical measures


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