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dence in the country would made them the chief gainers by

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has not changed his habits but eats and drinks as much

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of the demand consequently disturbance of regulation always results

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Chicago. He also quoted the statistics of the Chicago De

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because of the more rapid stream of blood produced and

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Fig.. Yellow Dun Iceland Pony of the Celtic Type with Mongolian Pony

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present obstinate hemorrhage which medical measures

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support it are remarkably enthusiastic in their plea

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the rise of temperature and during the decline profuse sweatings may

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aad poabsorptiono Aft r a eoloay of dogs having aormal values ie

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the larynx was found of a dusky rod the ventricular

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epistaxis h emoptj sis menorrhagia and apoplexy and the

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These experiments were made with the object of test

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and tactical organization planning all had to be overcome simultaneously. The

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If I could trust catgut would rather use it because

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in every case of spinal disease in which its mechan

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Mackenzie observes to their fleeting character while

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and it should not be permitted to indicate a tempera

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Dr. Henry Roth said that some years ago the mortality

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of the blood and to gain time in the further treatment of

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M. Dujardin Beaumetz used the infusion of the roasted

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test to cattle by this bureau was undertaken at a number of new

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or kneading from before backwards find indefinitely great

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The denutritional type is characterized by hypothyroidia and

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As a medical officer in the Army Reserve you will be offered a

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ferment liquefying gelatin and the rather weak one liquefying blood

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employed to express the manner of transmission of disease which is

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the former the thumb and the remaining fingers over the lat

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were of the so called rhabditiform type with a short bottle

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or even died within a few weeks or months of pulmonary phthisis

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The sclerosing variety results in the formation of a thick Avhite firm

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cases had forced the conclusion that the physical state of

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average good health. Neither of the above mentioned

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the organism has once been obtained in pure culture it

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tion and opened the way for vocational training in our

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alba is administered like magnesia rubbed to a cream

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puddles in the fields which are even more polluted by excreta.

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the abdominal muscles become atrophied flaccid and thus separation of

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degree frustrated or which was not succeeded by considerable

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instance is that of von Heille in which one hundred and forty one

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