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    Date:9/26/2013 1:30:36 PM


    Need help creating or updating your resume? It certainly can be complicated because your resume is going to be reviewed by software as well as by hiring managers. Review these top resume tips for choosing a resume format, selecting a resume font, customizing your resume, using resu

  • Interview Tips
    10 tips to crack an inter
    Date:9/26/2013 1:32:29 PM


    Whether you’re a manager or not, consider the following checklist the next time an interview is about to commence. As an interviewee, these actions might give you a competitive edge. As an interviewer, they might help set your standards on how you

  • Cover Letter Tips
    10 tips to crush your nex
    Date:9/26/2013 1:29:24 PM


    Your covering letter is an important document - a key part of your application to a prospective employer. It is surprising that jobseekers often pay scant attention to it. Many candidates fail even to write one and only submit their CV or application form. Craft a strong covering l